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August 13, 2019

5 Simple Ways Caller ID Can Improve Your Restaurant’s Deliveries & Customer Service

Incoming calls to your restaurant represent opportunities to improve customer service and drive more delivery revenue. And it’s easy to accomplish when you have the right tools in place. With Caller ID, you have pertinent information at your fingertips, including client names, verified delivery addresses, and recent orders. Armed with everything you need at the moment you need it, you’re able to complete delivery orders quickly and accurately, as well as personalize service, build customer relationships, and earn their loyalty—one phone call at a time.

Caller ID is integrated into the Delivery Manager feature of Electronic Payments’ signature point of sale (POS) system, Exatouch®. This valuable tool enables you to see who’s calling right on your POS lock screen, answer the call in one tap, and personally engage the caller as soon as you pick up the phone. If it’s a customer who has ordered before, their information is instantly accessible, including their name, delivery address, and contact information. For new customers, entering their data is quick and simple and you only have to do it once. Knowing your diners is essential to growing your delivery business and a smart POS with built-in tools like Caller ID makes learning their preferences easier.

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1. Work Your Customer Database

With Exatouch, your caller’s phone number is tied to their information in the customer database. Every time a diner calls in, you can see their name, address, and their two most recent orders right on the screen. This information allows you to greet your customers by name, verify their contact information—especially handy if the call is dropped, ask how they liked their last delivery, and if they want to reorder the same thing as last time.

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2. Personalize Every Call

Don’t answer calls blindly when you can create a personalized experience for every customer. Use their name in conversation, reference notes in the database to make your questions more relevant, and take advantage of upselling opportunities by recommending new items based on their order history.

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3. Maximize Efficiency

Caller ID helps you and your staff be more efficient, saving your customers time and aggravation. No more wasting time writing down the wrong address or repeating back incorrect phone numbers! Caller ID eliminates unnecessary back and forth to decrease the amount of time employees spend on the phone while enabling them to provide personalized attention and offer more focused, client-centric suggestions.

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4. Keep Customers Coming Back with Rewards

If your restaurant utilizes a loyalty program or points-based reward system, you can alert callers to the amount of points they’ve earned on their purchases and suggest ways they can redeem those rewards. Surprise and delight callers with this kind of excellent customer service and you’re guaranteed to earn more delivery orders from them—and everyone they tell about the awesome experience you provided!

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5. Perfect Every Delivery

Caller ID uses Google Maps address verification, checking customer addresses as a delivery order is taken to ensure speed and accuracy. Plus, the system automatically tells you how far the delivery location is and if any delivery fees apply so you can inform your customer. If the delivery address cannot be verified, Exatouch will offer suggestions with the option to select a different address or override.

By implementing an innovative POS at your restaurant, you can access invaluable features like Caller ID—helping you process more orders in less time, provide excellent customer service, and ensure faster and more accurate deliveries that boost your bottom line.

See for yourself how Electronic Payments and Exatouch Point of Sale can help you improve service quality and generate more customer loyalty.

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