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MLS (Merchant Level Salespeople), ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) and Bankcard Sales Agents alike can benefit from the services we provide. We offer tools that augment your hard work and can help grow your office and business. Electronic Payments is an industry leader in developing and delivering innovative payment processing solutions and merchant account services to merchants nationwide. At every point of our business, we have a keen attention to detail and build the best technology and tools to ensure our ISO, agent and bank partners’ success in presentation, implementation and follow-up. This commitment makes success easy to achieve and ultimately provides the best results for merchants.

We seek candidates that are motivated self-starters, have a desire to build their business which will in turn build wealth for themselves and their families. We are a provider of tools that merchants nationwide use to process payments in their business, accept gift and loyalty cards, grow their business through receiveable advances, and speed up their transaction processing through the latest in POS equipment. Our sales and marketing partners are fueled by an entrepreneurial mindset and the knowledge that partnering with the right organization will enable them to grow exponentially. We are excited to introduce our company to you, our partner in business, and we are confident that Electronic Payments is the right organization for you to partner with. Continue reading below and also follow the links above to learn more about what Working With Electronic Payments can do for you.

Flexible, Stable, and Secure.

If you have an unbeatable work ethic, an insatiable drive to do more and do better, and you seek new stable income opportunities for you and your family, we are here to help. Our compensation plan, bonus structure, agent and customer support staff and technology has provided the foundation upon which our sales partners incomes and livelihoods have built and grown. Partner with us and you can do it too!

Electronic Payments provides ISOs with an array of tools to grow their offices. As a complete “in-house” operation, we manage all the aspects of merchant account boarding, maintenance and management processes internally. Applications that come into our underwriting department are not re-faxed to another processor for underwriting; that means approvals happen in a matter of minutes, not hours. Terminal files are built in-house and can be done almost instantly as part of our auto-approval database functions, giving our ISOs an edge up on the competition. Finally, we complete our in-house approach by keeping ever-crucial technical support and customer service functions in-house as well.

Our agent and ISO programs range from zero transaction and fixed fee (statement, monthly, annual) programs to full Registered ISO/MSP and processing (network services) only programs. Depending on the program you decide to adopt and the path you want to take in this industry, we can custom tailor a program that will fit your exact needs. Our programs include no risk or liability for the ISO partner, free gift card processing, access to real-time network updates, a full portfolio management program, and more! With Electronic Payments, you won’t be limited to fitting your ISO into a one-size-fits-all approach to this business. We understand what’s involved in growing your ISO and provide you with all the tools to build your business and ensure greater profitability.

  • Electronic Payments now offers OptBlueâ„  Program for American Express® Card Acceptance!
    Offer new merchants low American Express® rates and earn lifetime residuals on American Express transactions. Benefit from competitive pricing, increased revenue opportunity, broader eligible merchant base, improved merchant retention, streamlined boarding and account maintenance.
  • Discover® Network Acquirer
    Electronic Payments has been a Discover® Network Acquirer since 2006, we process and fund all Discover® Network transactions.
  • Residuals, Bonuses and Incentives
    Electronic Payments has created one of the most lucrative residual commission and bonus programs in the industry today, enabling ISOs and agents to generate substantial income from each and every merchant signing and to grow your residuals to build stable wealth for you and your family. Not just hundreds, but literally thousands of dollars in ongoing weekly bonus revenue await you as you begin your career with Electronic Payments. Furthermore, our Schedule A features the industry’s lowest costs and highest revenue splits available from any company! Learn more about the opportunity to work with us by browsing this website and submitting your contact information here. We’ll get back to you right away!

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