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January 10, 2020

Modernize Your Retail POS & Make 2020 Your Most Successful Year Yet

It’s a new year and the perfect time to reevaluate your store’s point of sale (POS). Is your POS so out of date and unreliable that it frustrates your customers and employees alike? Or are you still using a credit card terminal and a cash register? With the holidays behind us, now is the moment to take stock of your operation and decide how you’re going to achieve a new level of success in the coming year.

Invaluable POS Technology

Point of sale is one of the most rapidly evolving technologies on the market. That means affordable and invaluable features designed to make running your retail operation faster and easier are within your reach. Now is the time to take advantage of all the benefits a modern point of sale can offer your business. A POS system like Exatouch® has built-in reporting, offline processing, employee and inventory management, and low processing costs—not to mention free gift card processing, inventory builds, and ongoing training for you and your staff. Plus, all these services are backed by an in-house, U.S.-based technical support team who’s available 24/7! Does your current setup help you streamline operations, provide support whenever you need it, and offer insights that help you make informed decisions to drive sales?

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Intuitive Point of Sale Software

Software that’s full of bugs and freezes every other day irritates customers, impedes commerce, and results in lost sales. After all, if it takes your patrons longer to check out than it did to shop for their items, they’re going elsewhere. A cutting-edge POS like Exatouch is fast, secure, and easy to use. Countless features like barcode scanners, receipt and label printing, purchase orders, a customer database, loyalty programs, and much more make managing your store less complicated and more profitable.

Sleek, Durable Hardware

Gone are the days of bulky hardware that takes up your entire counter and creates a barrier between you and your customers. Today’s sleek hardware options are available in many configurations so your business gets exactly the equipment needed to serve customers efficiently. Best of all, Exatouch POS grows as your business expands. With a 10″ customer-facing display, acceptance of all payments including EMV and NFC, peripherals to suit every need, and a variety of stylish, secure hardware options, Exatouch was built from the ground up to help small businesses manage operations, increase sales, and grow.

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Superior Customer Service

Everybody wants a better customer experience—whether that means shoppers getting on their way faster, more personalized service, or enough inventory on hand to fulfill customer needs. Exatouch POS helps you provide all of that and more.

  • With fast, secure transactions, customers can get in, out, and on their way sooner.
  • A robust customer database allows you to keep in contact and stay top of mind. Moreover, you can see individual purchase histories to make customized recommendations that boost sales and delight your regulars.
  • In-depth inventory reporting enables you to see how much stock is selling and when so you have what you need on hand at all times.

Arm your business with the tools required to meet and exceed customer expectations—then watch your sales grow!

Investing in a reliable, feature-rich point of sale may be the single most important business decision you make all year. Schedule a complimentary demonstration and discover all the ways Exatouch can help your retail business thrive in 2020!

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