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May 1, 2020

TableTurn® Offers Restaurants Essential Management Tools, Including Contactless, EMV, Curbside & Mobile Payment Acceptance

TableTurn<sup>®</sup> Offers Restaurants Essential Management Tools, Including Contactless, EMV, Curbside & Mobile Payment Acceptance
Restaurants have been among the hardest hit sectors in the coronavirus pandemic. In response, many have closed their dining rooms and turned to curbside delivery, takeout orders, and selling grocery and pantry items to stay in business. For restaurants using point of sale (POS) systems like MICROS® and Exatouch®, TableTurn®, a revolutionary restaurant management platform, offers affordable tools that make it easy to adapt to these necessary changes—including accepting contactless, EMV, and mobile payments.
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Payment Solutions for Restaurants

Some restaurant POS systems often make it difficult to manage payment acceptance outside traditional dine-in and counter service environments. But with the current business climate, customers want to minimize interaction and maintain social distance. Many are looking for contactless payments and touchless delivery, and will choose to patronize only those restaurants that offer these options. Moreover, customers expect their information to remain secure, no matter how they choose to pay. For restaurants invested in older point of sale systems that are often inflexible, trying to meet their patrons’ needs can be an uphill battle. POS software upgrades, including those for EMV, are frequently expensive and time consuming, but ignoring them can lead to costly chargebacks, fraud, or worse. TableTurn puts secure payment acceptance within reach for all types of establishments, including fine dining and quick-service restaurants.

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Essential Restaurant Management Tools

In addition to making payment acceptance easy, affordable, and adaptable, TableTurn offers restaurants essential tools that streamline operations and maximize profits.

  • Pay-at-Table or Curbside Today, restaurants can rely on TableTurn’s wireless solution to accept payments curbside, including EMV with tip adjust. When restaurants begin serving customers in their dining rooms again, Tableturn offers pay-at-table features and tableside ordering with Exatouch’s tablet solution. In both cases, TableTurn optimizes staff productivity, saving time and improving customer service by eliminating walking back and forth to a POS station multiple times to run payment cards, print receipts, and modify tips.
  • Print, Email, or Text Receipts
    TableTurn’s wireless solution is available on Clover Flex and enables staff to print customer receipts curbside or tableside using a built-in printer. Receipts can also be texted or emailed for convenience and to maintain social distance.
  • Pre-authorized Bar Tabs
    When dining rooms and bars open again, customers can hand their credit cards to a bartender who will authorize them and give the cards right back, preventing them from being left behind. Additionally, if a customer mistakenly leaves without closing out their bar tab, the business doesn’t miss out on those sales.
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Plus, TableTurn offers:

  •  Both countertop and wireless options
  •  An intuitive interface and quick server access
  •  Split checks and tender types
  •  Service ratings captured on every check
  •  A digital billfold for customers to pay at their      convenience
  •  Tip modifications
  •  Simplified server reconciliation, minimizing errors
  •  The ability to close from any workstation
Best-in-Class Service

The team behind TableTurn is committed to ensuring restaurants’ success. We offer incomparable levels of service on every aspect of qualification, installation, implementation, and beyond. And, our U.S.-based, in-house Technical Support team is available 24/7 to answer questions.


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