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The first of its kind, Electronic Payments POS Program provides definitive solutions like never before! In one complete program, you can tackle point of sale from multiple avenues and establish invaluable industry partnerships, generating more business opportunities than you could ever expect!

POS Program At-A-Glance
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Clover Placement Program

Now, the leading placement program includes the complete line of Clover™ products – Clover Station, Clover Mini and Clover Mobile! Together with best-in-class equipment, intuitive software and reliable support, our placement program empowers businesses by bundling the leading POS solutions with ZERO upfront costs, lease or purchase commitments or long-term contracts.

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Access Hundreds of POS Systems via Datacap

Conveniently acquire Datacap NETePay™, GIFTePay™ and Tran™ products via Electronic Payments. Support 300+ POS software and hardware setups with integrated high speed payment and gift card processing. Furthermore, Electronic Payments manages ALL dealer signups, Datacap setups and shipments. You don’t have to do a thing! All you need to focus on is building dealer relationships; we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Datacap NETePay™, GIFTePay™ and Tran™ products
  • Support Hundreds of POS systems
  • Term and Host Capture solutions

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Simplifed MICROS® Conversions

Let us handle your MICROS® accounts in-house! We can reprogram MICROS® 3700 POS systems at no cost, eliminating hefty Merchant Link fees and service charges. We’ll also provide free integrated gift card processing with eGiftSolutions.

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Comprehensive POS Solutions

  • Dinerware
  • PCAmerica
  • Aldelo POS

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