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Streamline your merchant’s entire payment processing system with ProCharge®, a comprehensive platform that automatically integrates all payment solutions, syncing transaction data across multiple devices.

About ProCharge® Platform

ProCharge Platform enables merchants to process transactions via credit card terminals, mobile devices or an online virtual terminal – a gateway with support for cardholder data storage and recurring billing. All transaction data is synced between devices, effortlessly allowing access to data and the ability to process transactions anytime, anywhere.

All devices and applications integrated with ProCharge Platform – including Mobile, Payment Gateway and Plugin – may be used as a stand-alone payment processing solution or as a fully-integrated platform.

Benefits include:

  • Next Day Funding
    Merchants receive next day funding for all major bank cards.
  • Support for eGiftSolutions
    Fully integrated gift card processing.
  • PCI-DSS Certified
    ProCharge Platform is PCI-DSS certified, eliminating security risks and removing businesses from scope.
ProCharge® Platform At-A-Glance

With ProCharge® Mobile, merchants can process payments, refund customers and reconcile sales instantaneously on their mobile device.

ProCharge® Payment Gateway automatically integrates all payment solutions through one common platform, synching all transaction data.

ProCharge® Plugin streamlines the entire accounting process. Merchants simply login to their existing QuickBooks® account and their transaction and billing data automatically integrate in real-time.

ProCharge® POS Plugin integrates with QuickBooks Point of Sale, making transaction processing and accounting integration easier than ever before!

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