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Agent/ISO Support
  • Superior Support and Service
    We are proud to provide superior customer service and technical support to our partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve provided in-house customer service and technical support since 2003 and have a solid reputation for zero hold times, no matter the time of day.
  • Dedicated Agent Support
    Unlike other merchant acquirers who guarantee attractive deals but lack the resources to manage and grow your business and keep clients satisfied, we back our partners all the way with premier in-house agent support. Every agent has direct access to our dedicated ISO Support team and their assigned relationship manager. They are readily available to assist with proposal development, merchant boarding, reporting and more.
  • Free Statement Analysis and Proposal Assistance
    Our entire ISO Support team is available to assist with detailed statement analysis and proposal services so you can provide your merchants with a branded rate quote with guaranteed savings over the competition. There’s no need to “wing it” when we provide this free service and your merchant will immediately see the savings.
  • Free Marketing Support
    Whether you’re pitching a trade organization or a new agent bank, we have a marketing team that is ready to help! We’ve assisted our agents in creating branded marketing campaigns with post cards, sell sheets, business cards, special offers and incentives at no cost! And with the power of our Inc. 500/5000, Technology Fast 500, and Better Business Bureau rankings, we can materialize your hard work into landing that association, bank, business group or merchant.

    Additionally, from the moment you’re an Electronic Payments partner, you have access to a comprehensive, branded marketing program, including agent websites, business cards, sell sheets, post cards and more.
  • Full Private Label and Co-Brand
    We understand the importance of brand identity. With a simple request, many of our online systems, marketing collateral, forms and welcome kit contents can be private labeled and co-branded!
  • ISO Interface Web Portal
    The ISO Interface web portal provides agents the tools to manage their sales and sub-agent offices. Upon login, agents can instantaneously view their account status and access merchant data, MIDs, download instructions and residual reporting. Additionally, our systems are built on proprietary technology that enables you to view and manage:
    • Merchant rates and fees
    • Statements – Email automatically with one click
    • Download instructions and terminal information
    • Merchant call logs and activity logs
    • Wireless, gift card and other service billing data
    • Residual and commission management
    • All transactions, batches and deposits with trace numbers
    • Running batch and transaction totals for each day, month and year
    • Portfolio metrics
    • Marketing materials
    • And More!

Whether Toronto or Tahiti, New York or New Mexico, the ISO Interface allows ISOs to manage their entire portfolio at the click of a button. ISOs can view merchant statement data, submitted applications, supporting documentation, or simple merchant contact info. ISOs also have control over residual data and down line payouts to reps and sub-ISOs.

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