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November 10, 2020

How a POS with a Kitchen Display System Helps Your Restaurant Save Time and Money

How a POS with a Kitchen Display System Helps Your Restaurant Save Time and Money
Restaurants face challenges everyday like inventory management, miscommunication between front and back-of-house teams, and more. Fortunately, there are smart, easy-to-use tools like a kitchen display system (KDS) that help restaurants like yours streamline operations, improve service, boost revenues—and save time and money.
Exatouch® Point Of Sale’s Kitchen Display System
Exatouch® POS boasts an integrated KDS that can alleviate many of the problems draining your restaurant’s efficiency and profits. This KDS is a workhorse, offering all types of establishments, particularly QSRs, benefits that simplify employee workflows, strengthen service standards, and increase sales.
Expedite Orders

With numerous displays, Exatouch’s KDS enables the entire kitchen staff to collectively monitor order status. Viewing submitted orders in real-time reduces delays in preparation, keeping customers happy and tables turning.

Improve Communication

A KDS synchronizes front and back-of-house workflows to improve communication and elevate service. When waitstaff submit accurate orders in Exatouch that display on the KDS, it minimizes unnecessary back and forth between the dining room and kitchen.

Optimize the Guest Experience

Afford waitstaff more time to focus on diners and kitchen staff the time to perfect meals. Simplifying the work of your team means they can concentrate on providing top notch customer service.

Ensure Accuracy

Never miss an order and serve food right the first time with reliable digital tickets and timers built into Extouch’s KDS. With streamlined ordering, there’s no more remaking incorrect orders or wasting precious resources.

Boost Efficiency to Maximize Productivity

Exatouch’s KDS offers real-time visibility into upcoming orders to facilitate planning and boost efficiency. Plus, the KDS has customizable display features, including a selection of colors for fonts, modifiers, backgrounds, and more. This tool is designed specifically to help kitchen teams prep, plate, and package menu items more efficiently.

The KDS maximizes kitchen productivity with:

  Real-time monitoring of order status
       & stock levels

  Order routing to the correct prep station
       for perfectly timed meals

  Full visibility with detailed views of
       every order, including modifiers

  Simple advancing & filtering of orders with
       a bump bar or touchscreen monitor

Stay on Top of Inventory

Rely on up-to-the-minute inventory, enabling staff to quickly update menu selections when items are out of stock. With complete visibility, you can keep your team informed and your customers satisfied.

Eliminate Paper Tickets

Restaurants can digitally manage orders as Exatouch’s KDS eliminates the need for paper tickets that often build up in the kitchen and slow productivity. With the increased efficiency that comes from employing a KDS, restaurants like yours can realize savings on overall operational costs. And, there’s an integrated printer with support for ticket printing and/or backup printing if needed.

Restaurant-Grade Hardware

Exatouch’s durable KDS is built to withstand a high-volume restaurant environment. No matter how busy your kitchen gets, this system will be the mainstay your staff relies on to push orders out quickly.

A dependable solution, Exatouch’s KDS fits easily into your restaurant’s existing workflows. Best of all, it’s simple to install, configure, and use. When an order is sent to the kitchen from Exatouch, it immediately appears on the display monitor(s). Orders are organized, legible, and designed to help your kitchen staff stay on top of incoming tickets. With 10 tiles available, the back of house team is able to manage multiple orders, and even use one of the tiles to summarize modifiers. Created to help restaurants like yours deliver accurate and complete orders in a timely manner, Exatouch’s KDS ensures food never comes out cold and patrons receive exactly what they want.
Deliver an unforgettable dining experience that will keep your customers
coming back for more with Exatouch and its integrated KDS. Take advantage of these
tools and immediately see how effective they are in increasing your restaurant’s
revenues—and saving you time and money.
Schedule a free demo today to see Exatouch’s KDS in action!

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