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December 19, 2019

How to Simplify Retail Pricing and Inventory Management

Of the many challenges in running a retail store, pricing and inventory management can be two of the most exasperating. Stores sell numerous items that may be difficult to price, which can aggravate customers and staff alike. What’s worse, when pricing and labeling aren’t seamless, it can result in lost sales and throw off inventory counts. The good news is there are simple and affordable point of sale (POS) solutions to help manage your retail store—and keep your pricing and inventory updated and accurate.
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The Easy Way to Price and Label Items in Your Store

For products that are hard to label with prices, whether that’s a tiny pair of earrings or an oddly shaped bottle of artisan vinegar, your POS can come to the rescue. Exatouch® POS has easy-to-use pricing labels in different sizes and shapes to fit a wide variety of products. Whether you need a split label, clothing tag, or jewelry tag, Exatouch has you covered. Simply select the size you need and hit print!

With shelf tags, gone are the days of bulky pricing guns and wasting labor hours having an employee individually price every item in your store—only to have the pricing stickers fall off later! Simply use a heavy duty, peel-and-stick shelf tag to price a large quantity of items that are displayed together, saving your staff time, boosting your profits, and giving your customers the information they need to make a purchasing decision.
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How to Simplify Retail Inventory Management

Adding inventory can be time consuming, whether you have new items coming in or need more of a product you already sell. And keeping an accurate inventory count is nearly impossible without automation. Using an intuitive POS like Exatouch, you have the ability to complete a purchase order (PO) right inside the system. Simply select the vendor, the products you want, and choose how many to order. When the order arrives, just go into the PO and mark the items received to add them to your inventory. Your POS should make managing your operations faster and easier, including data-driven reporting that allows you to see your complete inventory at a glance.


For businesses that don’t generally create purchase orders and tend to order onsite or over the phone with their sales representatives, Exatouch makes it effortless to receive those items. When the order is delivered with the invoice and you don’t have a PO, all you need to do is scan the items, enter the quantity and price (taken right from the invoice), key in the date the products were received, and that’s it! Your newly arrived items are now in your inventory so you have accurate counts and can see what’s selling. There’s even a space for notes if you want to add more details. Plus, once the items are received in the system, you can easily print pricing labels and get the product onto your sales floor in short order.

Many retailers don’t realize that their POS can function as much more than just a register. Does your POS report on what inventory is selling, how many labor hours you’re using in a given week, and print pricing labels in an instant? Exatouch can do all of those tasks and more! Discover how the right POS can be a workhorse for your business, saving you money and growing your profits!

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