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November 21, 2019

10 Reasons Small Businesses Love Gift Cards

Gift cards continue to top wish lists, remaining one of the most requested gift items. But did you know gift cards offer your business long-term benefits that go way beyond the initial card purchase? Check out these fun facts to learn how easy it is for your small business to benefit from gift cards!
1. increased sales

The average consumer spends $59 more than the original value of their gift card, up $21 from 2017! (First Data)

larger purchases2
2. larger purchases

33% of purchasers spend more on gift cards than a traditional gift. (First Data)

in store
3. keep purchases in store

Gift cards are a great alternative to cash back for returned items.

4. Convenience

Gift cards are easy to set up and manage!

repeat business3
5. Repeat Business

Consumers frequently redeem the full value of a gift card over multiple visits.

6. Loyalty Program

Rewards programs that utilize gift cards encourage brand loyalty.

7. Easy Marketing

Gift cards come with attractive merchandising displays to entice customers to buy.

8. Popularity

Consumers report they love to give gift cards more than any other gift. (First Data)

new customers
9. new customers

Gift cards are an ideal way to bring in new business, with 42% of consumers reporting they use gift cards they’ve received right away. (Blackhawk Network)

cost effective
10. Cost-Effective

Gift cards are an affordable way to extend additional purchasing options to your customers.

Place your gift card order today to capitalize on the long-term value!

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